Looking for an outsource provider who can also provide engineering services?

By April 26, 2017Article

Are you looking for a new replacement or additional outsource for wire and cable harnesses or box builds that also provides engineering support? Someone who:

  • Has full time engineers and technicians on staff?
  • Has on-site help available to you?
  • Has experience in design for manufacturing and design for testing?
  • Is available to you via phone, email or in-person consultation?
  • Answers your phone or email messages promptly and professionally?

To support customers who use our assembly services, ESAM provides Engineering Support Services. While some service may be included in our normal business routine, customers may have requirements that are done on a fee for service basis.

All First Article work involves our engineers, in addition to quality, manufacturing and purchasing personnel. This may involve mechanical, electrical and testing resources.

Since all products are 100% electrically tested, our engineers design fixtures and tests to accomplish this. On box builds our goal is also 100% functional test if possible. Our engineers work closely with the customer to accomplish as much of the testing as possible before product is shipped from ESAM.

On a fee for service basis, ESAM provides engineering assistance to help redesign products for manufacturability, testability or cost reduction. In some cases, customer on-site help may be needed and we can provide that support.

ESAM provides Outsourcing Services for Reverse Engineering, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. ESAM creates documentation for assemblies that may be inadequate, outdated or non-existent. In addition to resourcing the component parts and materials, ESAM can build and test these new versions of your product.

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