Looking for an outsource provider for electronic box builds?

By April 26, 2017Article

Are you looking for a new replacement or additional outsource for electronic, electro-mechanical or electro-pneumatic box builds? Someone who –

  • Has experience in all electronic sub-assemblies and systems?
  • Has experience in electro-mechanical sub-assemblies and equipment?
  • Has experience in electro-pneumatic sub-assemblies and equipment?
  • Does more than just assemble but helps you with design for manufacturing and design for testing?
  • Ships on time?
  • Sends you sub-assemblies or equipment that works when you receive it?
  • Has box build engineering support services available for you?
  • Can test assemblies so they are just “plug and play” upon receipt?

Wire and cable assemblies and harnesses are the core of the Electronic Manufacturing services we offer. We have been doing this for over 40 years. Our skilled assemblers (average tenure in manufacturing is over 9 years) take pride in producing high quality products that range from simple wire assemblies to very complex harnesses.

Quality and repeatability are built into the ESAM process. It starts with the training of personnel that begins on their first day at work and extends through continuous re-certification for all assembly tasks. ESAM has a First Article process that involves manufacturing, engineering and quality personnel along with customer verification. 100% testing is part of that process. In-process testing and verification aid in high first pass yields and produce assemblies at the most economical cost.

On-time-delivery is a metric that is continuously tracked and posted for all employees to follow. Our goal is 100% and our team works hard to attain that benchmark.

ESAM has isolated assembly areas for both lead bearing and lead free soldering operations. Soldering ranges from simple operations to complex, fine-wire soldering done under microscopes.

Assembly work is done in accordance with IPC/WHMA A-620 Class II and III standards. Assembly is UL and CSA approved when required by customer documents.

While on-time-delivery and high quality are of the utmost concern, cost effectiveness is not forgotten. Our sales and customer service personnel work with you right from the start to help you get the most cost effective buys. Our engineering and quality personnel work with you to produce the most cost effective design for manufacturability and testability.

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