Job title: Potting

Department: Manufacturing

Supervision: Manufacturing Section Manager, Manufacturing Manager

Summary of Position: The Potting position is an Electronic Assembler, Potting position primarily involves the proper use and placement of adhesive and bonding materials used in the manufacturing process.


  1. Follow Assembly Instructions (AI) for proper placement of bonding materials.
  2. Prior to use, review safety data sheets(SDS) on each chemical used for potential hazards, safe handling and proper protective equipment (PPE).
  3. Works with engineering to review safety measures and insure they are followed.
  4. Follow all safety guidelines for handling/storing chemicals properly.
  5. Review mixing equations and properly mix chemicals.
  6. Use tools to bond (syringes, scales, mixing tools, etc.)
  7. Fill out traveler paperwork.
  8. Make suggestions on improving the processes.
  9. Inspect other operators work as necessary.
  10. Perform special assignments and other tasks as required.


  1. Able to distinguish colors, read small print and read a ruler.
  2. Able to pass medical requirements and wear a respirator mask.
  3. Able to wear splash guard eye protection while working with chemicals.
  4. Read, understand and adhere to all safety instructions regarding chemicals.
  5. Have excellent manual dexterity and willing to wear hand protection.
  6. Sit for eight (8) or more hours per day.
  7. Able to lift and carry 25 lbs. on a repeated basis.
  8. Bonding requires modifications and touch-ups which may include the need for sanding, drilling, filing and cleaning. Must be able to perform these processes.
  9. Read and become familiar with various bonding cure times and procedures.
  10. Able to work overtime and weekends
  11. Able to sit or stand for more than (8) hours a day.
  12. Have the ability to work with arms at shoulder level for extended periods of time.