National Sales Manager

Department:              Sales and Marketing

Job Title:                    National Sales Manager

Reports to:                 Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, President


Summary: The ESAM National Sales Manager manages the team of inside (Customer Service) and the outside (Manufacturer’s Representatives) sales teams. They also manage the customer relationships overall. This will require exceptional communication, research and leadership skills. They will be responsible for creating an annual forecast to meet ESAM growth goals and monitoring the progress throughout the year. They will be responsible for obtaining activity reports (written or verbal, depending on the practice with that persons/firm) from all Manufacturer’s Representatives. They will be responsible for setting up and managing sales meetings on a periodic or random basis depending on circumstances, ideally with one major one annually and other regional ones during the year. They will interface with the internal ESAM departments as needed. They will be responsible for submitting reports as requested by ESAM management. They will be responsible for directing the routine activities with the Manufacturer’s Representatives consistent with the fact these people are contractors providing ESAM their services.



  1. Requires collaboration with upper management to make decisions for customer/prospect needs, progress and issues.
  2. Achieve growth and hit sales targets by successfully managing the Manufacturer’s Representative Network
  3. Create and implement strategic plan and tactics to expand ESAM’s customer base
  4. Build and promote strong partnering relationships with customers
  5. Monitor bookings and shipments against forecast and supply reports as upper management might require.
  6. Collaborate with Cost Estimating on quoting activities and priorities.
  7. Collaborate with Accounting, Quality and Engineering on customer/prospect issues.
  8. Manage the Customer Service Group in such a way that promotes “super service” to our customers and work at making all customers have an outstanding experience with ESAM.
  9. Prepare support material for the Manufacturer’s Representatives as needed for specific customer/prospects and specific market segments.
  10. Manage, and prepare where necessary, all support paperwork, certifications and representations that specific customers may require.
  11. Manage the CRM system, currently, but perhaps moving to Expandable.
  12. Monitor and manage supplier registrations with customers and prospects
  13. Conduct annual Customer Survey.
  14. Assist with or Manage Customer/Prospect visits. Prepare materials as needed.
  15. Promote cross-site selling with large customers that have multiple sites across the USA
  16. Work with “Sister Companies” to promote cross-selling with Manufacturer’s Representatives
  17. Create and support a means of letting all employees know the products we are working so they understand the importance of what we do in those markets
  18. Work with Customer Service to promote all parts of the total customer experience
  19. Prepare and manage sales budget.
  20. Review and approve monthly sales commission reports.
  21. Perform special assignments and other duties as required.


Other Duties:

  1. Conduct thorough and timely reviews
  2. Ensure department area is FOD free.
  3. Understand, embrace, and ensure compliance to ESAM’s safety policies and procedures.
  4. Train, direct and motivate employees.
  5. Creates department efficiencies and brings ideas to senior management.
  6. Stay within budget guidelines.

Schedule: Monday – Friday, some traveling required.

Salary position, DOE