Job title: Manufacturing Section Manager

Department: Manufacturing

Supervision:  Manufacturing Manager, Director of Operations

Summary of Position: Manufacturing Section Manager ensures increasing levels of customer and employee satisfaction while improving the efficiency of production.  The Section Manager directs and coordinates with Supervisors so production deadlines are met.


  1. Confers with management to establish timely production, quality control standards, develop budget and cost control. Observe data regarding type, quantity, specifications and delivery of product within budget guidelines.
  2. Plan and direct production and establish production priorities in keeping effective operations and cost factors.
  3. Investigates root cause of reworks and implements procedures to minimize future returns.
  4. Coordinate production procurement, maintenance and quality control at an optimum level.
  5. Revise production schedule and priorities as a result of equipment failure or operating problem.
  6. Implement manufacturing inspection processes, documentation and quality assurance standards.
  7. Prepare and review documented work procedures.
  8. Consult with engineering relative to modification of machines and equipment in order to improve production and quality of product.
  9. Must be capable of identifying problems and using documentation and knowledge of process and document to identify necessary corrective action.
  10. Possess excellent personal organization and demonstrate the willingness to learn, improve and adapt.
  11. Perform special assignments and other duties as required.

Other Duties:

  1. Conduct thorough and timely reviews.
  2. Ensure Department areas are FOD free.
  3. Understand, embrace and ensure compliance to ESAM’s safety policies and procedures.
  4. Train, direct and motivate employees.
  5. Creates Department efficiencies and brings ideas to senior management.
  6. Stay within budget guidelines.