Job title:  Document Control Clerk

Department: Quality Assurance

Supervision: Quality Manager

Summary of Position: This position assists creating master files from assembly quoted. Verify, issue and retrieve all relevant paperwork to and from the manufacturing floor departments. Process ‘Request for Change’ orders, Stop/Lift work orders, new customer’s paperwork and perform audits on master files. Input and update vendor and part information into the manufacturing database (Expandable). Assist co-workers in locating documentation and operation of office equipment. Manage and archive assembly filing system. Work with all of the departments at ESAM to provide accurate and expedient service.


  1. Must be highly organized with an attention to detail.
  2. Have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Maintain master files.
  4. Have excellent filing skills.
  5. Prepare document packages for the production staff.
  6. Proficient with computers for data entry.
  7. Able to use all general office equipment including copiers and document scanning.
  8. Stand or sit for eight (8) or more hours per day.
  9. Able to lift and carry 35 lbs. (file box full of files).
  10. Have the ability to work with arms at shoulder level for extended periods of time.
  11. Perform special assignments and other duties.