Job title: Breakout

Department: Manufacturing / Production

Supervision:  Production Supervisor, Manufacturing Manager

Summary of Position: This is an Electronic Assembler, Breakout position primarily involving stripping the outer insulation cover from a cable and ”breaking out” the wires that are enclosed.


  1. Audit breakout kits for wires, shrink, etc.
  2. Give status of kit shortages to lead or supervisor.
  3. Read instruction sheets.
  4. Strip outer insulated cover from cable using a scribe to mark length and a hot knife to cut through the outer cover.
  5. Remove outer covering and peel foil away from wires.
  6. The wire bundle now exposed is “broken out”, wires separated, striped, unnecessary wires removed, shrink applied. Various tasks performed according to paperwork.
  7. Fill out traveler paperwork.
  8. Make suggestions on improving the processes.
  9. Inspect other operators work as necessary.
  10. Perform other tasks as required.


  1. Able to distinguish colors.
  2. Able to read small print.
  3. Able to read a ruler.
  4. Have excellent manual dexterity.
  5. Sit for eight (8) or more hours per day.
  6. Able to lift and carry 25 lbs. on a repeated basis.
  7. Must be able to work overtime and weekends.
  8. Have the ability to work with arms at shoulder level for extended periods of time.